Monday, February 25, 2019


Listening to any kind of music is a daily activity people participate in. Gospel music is unique however because it has a soothing and calming effect that affects the brain positively. Gospel music can elevate your mood, and the lyrics have a way of elevating your spirituality to the next level. When you are passing through difficult times, gospel music can soften your problems and water down your stress levels. This is because gospel music acknowledges the frustrations of daily life, and it gives encouragement that makes it easy to move forward.

Here are five (5) reasons why you should stick to gospel music:

1. Transcends Boundaries of Age and Generations: Gospel music is family friendly, which means that your kids will not stumble across inappropriate messages or content. Composers of gospel music must create music that is in line with Christian values and expectations. To protect your family and instill values in your children, listening to gospel music at home plays a critical role in teaching important lessons on morality and respect – as well as common truths we all share as human beings.

2. Enriching to Both Ear, Soul, Heart, and Mind: Listening to gospel music is not only entertaining, but it can also be a source of enrichment. Gospel music tends to be inspirational and it can feed your soul to its very core. This strengthens your faith and spirituality, which provides a good foundation for your spiritual growth.

3. Music to Find Balance: Gospel music provides a way for people to maintain balance in their lives. Music allows people to uphold a balance between their career, faith, family and daily lives. Gospel music allows individuals to stay at an even keel; the right song can deliver the perfect message that can help when things appear off balance. Gospel music can also re-center you, allowing you to focus and move on even when things appear bleak and hopeless.

4. Just a Closer Walk With The Lord: Regarding Christian music or any worship songs, the lyrics and the message included can go a long way in helping to strengthen an individual’s faith in God. Gospel music allows you to feel in touch with a higher power and can help to make you feel closer to Him and more devout.

5. Music to Keep You Awake: Gospel music reminds Christians of the secular world that they live in, which helps to remind them that there is a higher power at work. The music also helps to keep Christians self-aware and more connected to their spirituality. This point cannot be overemphasized, regardless of your faith, there is always something to learn by learning about others’ faith. There’s always something to take away from listening to gospel music and the stories of the people who wrote, sang, and literally lived their art.

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