Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Monday, April 6, 2009

10 Secrets To Good Song Writing.

1. Decide what purpose you want to fulfil by the songs you intend to write. e.g. Is it for commercial purposes via professional recording? Or is it for religious and cultural purposes?

2. Seek for inspirations from other people's works. e.g. from song books and recorded music.

3. Learn the rules of song writing: Different types of music have different styles e.g. gospel songs are based on the teachings of the holy bible.

4. Be sure you know the difference between a verse and a chorus. e.g. a chorus should be memorable to catch the fancy your listeners.

5. Arrange your songs properly so that everything when heard once will show a clear sequence.

6. Be original and avoid copying other people's songs. Once you copy from others your listeners would know.

7. Listen regularly to the FM radio stations in your locality to hear the current styles of music.

8. Seek for advice from the professionals such as music producers,choirmasters,sound engineers and professional song writers.

9. Don't just be satisfied with your first or second drafts but cancel and rewrite many times to get a good result. The hit songs you hear on radio took the song writers several weeks to get the final drafts.

10.Collaborate with other song writers, that is, find a partner who has skills in the areas you don't have and join with him/her to write some songs.

Good Luck.

Emeka E. Okeke