Saturday, December 8, 2012


Christmas season is here again. What can the average Nigerian musician offer? Did I hear you say a lot! Millions of Nigerian fun seekers are longing for good entertainment. There is a readymade music market in Nigeria. Every serious minded musician in this nation should key in to this fact and tap the great opportunity offered by the largest concentration of the Blackman on earth.

The annual carnival in the City of Calabar in Cross River State Nigeria is a classical example of what showcasing of music talent can do to an economy. The month of December is usually dedicated to this event. Many Nigerian popular musicians are usually invited to perform. If you don’t book for a hotel accommodation in Calabar before December of any year, believe you me, you will find it very difficult in getting a hotel room to stay if you want to witness the month long carnival.

This was a legacy His Excellency, Mr. Donald Duke (Governor of Cross River State, 1999 – 2007) bequeathed on the state. Thus, each year musicians struggle to perform in Calabar during the carnival. This has indirectly encouraged healthy competition amongst the upcoming Nigerian artists, who now dream of performing at the annual Calabar Carnival.

The 2012 edition of this event has kicked off in Calabar with many Nigerian popular artists billed to perform. These include 2Face, P-Square, Whizkid, Seun Kuti, Niggar Raw, J-Martins, Blacky, Sunny Neji and others. Also a world renowned Trumpeter, Hugh Masekela of South Africa will perform in this year’s carnival.

I wish all fun seekers who are in the Ancient City of Calabar for this year’s carnival a happy stay.


Emeka E. Okeke