Saturday, November 26, 2016


As the argument on digital versus analogue music rages on between the new and the old generation music artistes, producers and studio engineers, a Nigerian guitar maestro Sir Victor Uwaifo has this to say “In computer you don’t need to have a band, one man can record, he goes to the studio, lay down the track, play the other instrument, get the other musician to lay down his track differently, just like a tailor making a shirt. He cuts them into pieces and sews them together.
So, for our young ones today, it is not that they understand music but they play music and the computer is arranging it for them. The computer will concise the bad voice and put it in line and shape and the producer helps a lot. The producer has an idea but the computer is supposed to be a model to have an idea of what a song should sound like but it is not music itself. You still have musical instrument. People must learn how to play musical instrument because once you know the rudiments of music, you can play several instruments”.

However, this anonymous musician tried to balance the argument this way “Digital and physical instruments both require the same amount of skill depending on how much time and effort you put into your composition, practice, etc. The only downfall of creating digital music is that it can be very easy to fake. Downloading loops/sounds takes seconds to do, while creating new ones can take very long or short amounts of time, depending on what you're making. On the contrary, with a physical instrument, the only way to fake it is to play a recording. So basically, both instruments require skill, it just depends on how you use them”