Monday, March 28, 2011


Naija music is a new music genre that is now widely accepted in Nigeria. The origin of this music genre cannot be traced to any particular root; however its artistes could be said to have understood hi-hop, rap, afro pop, reggae and afro gospel music very well. A typical naija song is a combination of the aforementioned music genres.

Naija music is a hi-tech music generated by computer aided musical instruments. The artiste sings in Pidgin English with some embellishments in the three major Nigerian languages (Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa).

The lyrics of naija music cut across current affairs, love affairs, ills of the society and religion.

Naija music is currently the most popular music played on the Nigerian airwaves, which include more than 100 radio stations scattered all over the 36 states and the Federal Capital City Abuja. Who say Nigeria has not come of age? Prior to the popularization of naija music in the country, music by the American, European and Caribbean artistes were ruling the airwaves.

The most popular naija music artistes include P-Square, Tu-Face, D’banj, Nigga Raw and Bracket.

Emeka E.Okeke