Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Have you ever sung a lullaby to a child? Did you watch the radiant smile on his face? Pure and innocence! That is exactly what a good music played at the right time does to the mind of an adult. If music moves God, the Almighty creator of everything, who are we mortals to ignore the influence of music in our mind and soul.  
At times, adults tend to pretend about the necessity of good melody to the mind. In short a happy and joyful heart without music is aberration. Music is therefore synonymous with merrymaking. Have you attended any celebration without any form of music? This is a proof that we all need music to keep us in joyful mood.
Even to a mentally deranged fellow, music makes a difference. Play a good melody to a hostile mentally deranged person and watch his/her countenance change. This is why music is a great tool used in many psychiatric hospitals around the world. Clinical psychologists have since realized the correlation between music and sound mind. Today hospitals play soft tunes in their patients’ wards to help relieve their pains.
The effect of good melody and lyrics to a troubled mind cannot be overemphasized. Imagine little David in the Bible calming the flared nerves and troubled mind of King Saul of Israel with just a harp. Good words said at the right time is like a soothing balm to a wound so says the Holy Bible, but imagine what the same words would do to a person’s heart and mind when set in a good music. Your guess is good as mine! A sound mind needs good music.
Happy New Year.

Emeka E. Okeke