Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Gospel music is a vehicle that God uses on the earth to deliver a message. Gospel music can inspire, restore and convey God’s word and message through music. However, a laborer deserves his wages, and God did not give us such a beautiful music to be on the outside, looking in financially. To put it straight, no gospel artist that knows his/her onions is supposed to be struggling with finances.
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Many people develop a victim mentality in the world of gospel songwriting and performance when apparent songwriting value is not reflected in equal real-world value.  The internet and technology have made everything easy for any gospel artist to prosper internationally. If you are a gospel artist, and you are on the right platforms, you will see value coming back in the form of royalties.
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However, certain platforms generate income, and some do not, some streams within each right generate income, some do not. It is important therefore to learn what does and what doesn’t and ask questions to determine what generates higher income so that you can direct more efforts towards those that do. Year 2019 is not about working harder but working smarter! Things are really changing very fast in the gospel music scene and the intelligent thing any gospel artist would do is to be very dynamic and move with the time but remaining focused on Christ Jesus the author and finisher of our lives.

Goodluck to you if you are an upcoming gospel artist.

Emeka Okeke twitter@emekaokeke4u