Saturday, February 11, 2017


Do you know that Gospel music originated from Africa? Yes, it started with the conversion to Christianity of West Africans that were enslaved in the southern part of America. The West African slaves in their agony due to the subhuman treatment meted out on them by their slave masters usually resort to singing away their sorrows as they labour in their masters’ plantations in America.

Notably, these work songs were medley of the Protestant hymns and spirituals they sang in church. The greatest characteristic of early days of Gospel music was its emotional and jubilant nature, stemming from the call-and-response singing between preacher and congregation, which became common in black churches.

Gospel lyrics in the early days were strictly inclined to preaching of salvation, consolation and comforting of the faithful; they were also inclined to the celebration of God's love. Gospel music style usually makes use of choral singing in unison or harmony, often, but not always, led by a lead singer or singers. The songs are most often performed with fervent enthusiasm, vigor, and spiritual inspiration, with much ornamentation in the solo vocal lines, which has been the trade mark of Gospel Music till date.

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