Saturday, June 27, 2020


1. Alex O ‎– Celebrate
Alex O was born in Imo State and started his music career as a singer under "Uncle Steve Rhodes." He later joined the Lemmy Jackson music company and worked as a production assistant and songwriter, later signing to PolyGram Records which is also known as Premier Music of Nigeria in the year 1988. Alex O, a Swingbeat, Neo Soul and Pop Rap singer rose to fame in the music scene and became popular in the Nigerian music scene in 1990s, after the release of his most popular song "Celebrate" which became a Nigerian disco hit in the 1990s. Alex O's song "Celebrate" has been featured on several music television shows.
2. Daniel Wilson ‎– Mister Ragamuffin
Daniel Wilson, a Reggae, African and Boogie singer was the original lover boy of the 1990s as he had this outlook and style which most ladies loved. He was a hitmaker of his era, every song he touched turned to gold. We cannot forget some of his monstrous hits like ''Mister Raggamuffin'' which gave him his nickname ‘Mr. Raggamuffin’. 
3. Blackky ‎– Rosey (About Tyme)
In the early 1990s, Nigeria saw the emergence of an artist who was not making the traditional social conscious kind of music. Blackky, a Ragga HipHop singer was different as he blew us away with the hit song ''Rosey'' which at that time was the biggest love song. Blackky despite his young age at that time was able to stay away from controversies and was one of the biggest celebrities of the 1990s.
 4. Alex Zitto‎ – Walakolombo
Alex Zitto, a Reggae, Highlife and Folk singer was born half Nigerian half Ghanaian. He started out his music career in the early 80s as a bass guitarist in Ebenezer Obey’s Miliki Band. Alex Zitto gained prominence when he won The Lekki Song Context in 1988, with his song ‘Tickle Me’. He then got signed to PolyGram Records. He released ‘Walakolombo‘ in 1991. The song was a big hit, a national anthem, and a crowd favorite in the 1990s. 'Walakolombo’ is a fusion of Reggae and R&B. It tells a story of Alex Zitto getting played and fooled by his lover.

5. Sir Shina Peters – Shinamania
Sir Shina Peters’ "Shinamania" swept Nigeria in 1990 as young music fans rushed to buy the electrifying album. The album which was a follow-up to his monster hit “Ace” was produced by Laolu Akins. It was a powerful fusion of Juju, Afro-Beat, and intense Fuji-style percussion with the use of electronic keyboards, saxophone, and guitar. The album broke new ground in its use of synthesizers to complement the Fuji drumming.
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