Thursday, October 1, 2020


As we celebrate the 60th independence anniversary of our dear country Nigeria, we present some of the music by Nigerian artists that centre on the motherland and promote her unity.

Which Way Nigeria (Sunny Okosun)

The song "Which Way Nigeria" was about the growth trajectory of the nation many years after independence. Sunny Okosun sang in part:
Which way is Nigeria is heading to;
Many years after independence;
We still find it hard to start;
How long shall we be patient till we reach the promise land;
Let’s save Nigeria, So Nigeria won’t die. Which way Nigeria, Which way to go;
I love my fatherland, I want to know;
Which way Nigeria is heading to…”

Peace Song (Onyeka Onwenu)

Onyeka Onwenu released this song which, as the name implies, called for peace in in the country. It contained the lyrics:
“We’re the women of Nigeria
And peace is what we bring
Let it reign, let it reign everywhere
We’re the children of Nigeria
And peace is what we need
So that all can live as one…”

The Way Forward (King Sunny Ade)

King Sunny Ade's song "The Way Forward" was an instant hit with fans as it inspired the spirit of patriotism in many. The song called on all Nigerians to join hands in lifting the country. The musician sang that no matter where one travelled to, there could never be any place like home.

Nigeria My Beloved Country (Funmi Adams)

Funmi Adams contributed to shaping a positive perspective for the nation with her song "Nigeria My Beloved Country" in which she sang about her love for the motherland.

Nigeria Go Survive (Veno Marioghae)

Veno Marioghae's song “Nigeria go survive” which was released in 1985, was a favourite of many back in the day. Accompanied by a funky beat, the track proclaimed that regardless of what happened to it, Nigeria would survive. And no doubt, some may now see Marioghae in the mould of a prophet because though the country has gone through many turbulent times, it is still standing strong.
The song contained the lyrics:
“If they steal our oil,
Even if they burn the oil o,
Nigeria will survive.
I say if they drink the oil o,
No matter how they try o,
Nigeria will survive.
Our roots dem strong for ground o, Ancestors no go gree o,
Nigeria will survive…”

Arise, Make Nigeria a Better Place (Emeka Okeke)

This song was a track in Emeka Okeke's debut album "True Messages" released in 2000. The song promotes Nigeria unity by calling on all tribes and ethnic groups to come together and unite to make Nigeria a better place. Part of the lyrics goes thus:
"Arise arise make Nigeria a better place,
All my brothers wake up wake up,
All my sisters this is the time,
Umunne m o ngwanu ngwanu,
This is the time to call white white,
This is the time to call black black,
This is the time to say all the truth,
This is the time to forgive ourselves,
Arise arise make Nigeria a better place."

Green Land (TY Bello)

Bello was able to endear herself to fans with the song "Green Land". The lyrics included,:
“The land is green―it’s green,
The land is green― it’s green,
Can’t you see? The harvest is ready,
Cos the Lord of the harvest told me so,
It’s green― it’s green for me,
It’s green― it’s green for me…”

Great Nation (Timi Dakolo)

Timi Dakolo's song ,"Great Nation" was another song that promoted Nigerian unity. The song contained the lyrics:
“We’re all we have, We’ll defend our land, We believe in this nation,
And we know we’ll get there,
We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land,
We believe in Nigeria and the promise she holds,
And that one day we’ll shine like the sun, We’re a great nation…”

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