Tuesday, March 3, 2020


One cannot count five best worship gospel singers in Nigeria without mentioning Elijah Oyelade.  He has got the voice and sings under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He has continued to entertain and draw people to God’s presence with his songs which are carefully written with scintillating melodies and harmonies. Elijah Oyelade is best known for his most popular songs including: 'Glorious God'; 'Majesty' and 'Emmanuel'. He remains a soul lifter at every occasion he performs.

Elijah Oyelade's collaboration with one of Nigerians leading worship leader Nathaniel Bassey in the 2016 single 'Owner of the Key' was awesome and the song has always lifted people's souls to God whenever the it is played. 
The song 'Owner of the Key' re-echoes that we are simply nothing without God. Before the world began, God has everything planned out for His children. The manifestation of His entire plan can only come to fruition on the recognition of his supremacy overall. If He is the master of your life, He will make things work out in favour of His will for you because He is the master in control.

Elijah Oyelade’s songs are highly inspiring and have continued indeed to strengthen people’s confidence in God and helped them live life knowing God is in charge and in control of their lives watching to ensure they are kept from shame. 

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